Types of Handicap Bathroom Vanities

Handicap bathroom vanities are now available in different and unique styles, finishes, design and variety. They are designed as handicap user friendly vanities and gives the bathroom a neat and tidy appearance with a classy finish. Depending on your budget, your home d├ęcor, specific needs and aesthetic sense you can choose the one which suits you best both in style and in terms of practical our blog post at

Different Types of Handicap Bathroom Vanities:

Varieties of Vanity Sink: You can install a console sink on a granite, stone or marble counter top. Other options are double sink bowls or single bowl mounted on a pedestal, or mounted on wall or floor in whichever shape you want, be it oval, round, square or rectangular etc.

Taps and faucets: Brass taps, water proof painted taps, steel plated taps, chrome taps are all the different varieties available in handicap bathroom vanities. They come with the selected sink or else you can purchase them separately to suit your taste. Some of the faucets are also manufactured with built in water filter which is of course an added advantage.

Furniture: The console vanity furniture has a chair and table with mirror as a set that gives a furnished look to your bathroom. You can purchase the size that you want depending on the available area. Depending on the design, it may have storage space, a chest of drawers or it could be just a plain table. This can also accommodate a console sink with a matching stool or chair to complete the vanity furniture here!

Storage handicap bathroom vanities cabinet: These cabinets are meant to store bathroom essentials, toiletries, medicines, soap, tissues, linen, bath toys, cosmetics etc.

Specialty: All the handicap bathroom vanities mentioned above are designed and manufactured with the disabled, elderly and physically challenged in mind. They are easy to operate and require very little pressure for opening and closing. Sinks are designed with leg space below and the heights are calculated to suit people in wheelchair.

Handicap bathroom vanities are manufactured in different shapes and sizes and of different materials. However all of them follow the guidelines specified by the ADA. Tempered glass, Chrome, Brass, Fiber glass, stainless steel, Ceramic, glazed porcelain, wicker, laminated wood, silver oak, pine wood, bamboo, cane, Acclesia wood, stone, marble, granite, gold are just some of the raw materials used as such or in combination to manufacture the handicap bathroom vanities.


Considering the variety of raw materials used, it is only natural that these handicap bathroom vanities are also available in different shapes, sizes and color. The finishing is usually either matte or gloss finish depending sometimes on the raw material used. There are prefabricated ones available with all additional fixtures. However, you can also get the handicap bathroom vanities custom made if that is your choice. Just make sure that when it is custom made it also follows all the specification required for handicap bathroom stated by ADA.

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