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The bathroom may be the most hidden part of your house, but it doesn’t mean you are going to leave it as it is after taking a hot bath or a hot shower. This is a place where you can express positive and negative feelings alike with no one listening or disturbing you. A small room where you can seek refuge after a sad event or a frustrating loss. You cannot afford to look at it every day dull and lifeless. As a renowned painter in Brentwood TN, we can provide you with some insight.  So, in order to give it life, here are some ideas for small bathrooms to experience a makeover:

  • Decide on the architectural theme or concept of your small bathroom. It could be ancient or contemporary depending on your taste.
  • Choose bathroom color ideas for ceiling, wall, and floor. Light colors are usually ideal when buying wood and tiles for your bathroom. They are healthy to your eyes and give you a soothing and relaxing feeling.
  • Installing adjustable dim and glow lighting is one of the good ideas for small bathrooms. The kind of environment, while you are taking a bath, can be not too dark or not so blinding. Just enough for your eyes to handle.
  • Place a bonsai or a flower pot on a corner. It will make you feel that you are communing with nature while it provides absorption of oxygen and carbon dioxide in a balanced environment. The green plant or flower should match your bathroom color ideas.
  • Place on a dual mirror for added style and convenience. It is one of the good ideas for small bathrooms. The user can see his whole body when both facing and turning on his back.
  • Add an extraordinary painting inside it. Any form of art can lighten up your spirits and will help you have a positive outlook on It should also match your bathroom color ideas.
  • Compliment it with hanging lights or small chandeliers. The effects of lighting in your small bathroom can be very healthy not only for your eyes but also for your brain and heart. By illuminating your body, you create the idea of positive acceptance and appreciation of yourself.
  • Create an audio or video entertainment for a change. Placing a single speaker or a small screen in front of you lets you sing along with your favorite songs or watch a movie forget that time is running so fast while you are cleaning and sanitizing your physical being.
  • Buy extra towels and a reliable holder for them. Using clean towels every time you take a bath adds more comfort and style to your personal hygiene.
  • A cabinet and a drawer for extra storage. While you keep yourself clean every day, you also make sure that all the necessary cleaning and sanitizing materials are ready when you need them to maintain your small bathroom.

Do not exclude placing a bathtub as part of your small bathroom designs. An automatic faucet or the elegant marble lavatory is good ideas for small bathrooms. Lastly, all your paraphernalia should match the standards of bathroom color ideas. Call the top painter in Franklin TN today for more ideas.