Ideas for Guest Bathroom

The guest bathroom may be used by a number of different people, which means it should feel welcoming to people with different tastes. I have found that a neutral theme is typically best, with muted colors and simple decor. My bathroom, for instance, has cream colored walls, a creamy marble top and golden oak cabinets. I brought some color into the room with a gold bath mat and a cream shower curtain that has a multi-colored pattern. The pattern has red and green in it, both of which I tied further into the room with a framed photo that has similar hues.

Guest bathrooms have always existed in our daily lives, even if most of the people haven’t figured out of this fact. The first example that is also the most common example of such a bathroom is any bathroom from a hotel. Most of the hotel do not consider their customers just simply customers; the clients are considered to be precious guests. And, in order to make them feel comfortable, every bathroom is actually a guest bathroom.

Though, how to decorate a bath in a guest bathroom? It’s not a very big difference between them, that’s the first thing to say. And, in order to get proper inspiration, people willing to get some guest bathroom decorating ideas should see how a bathroom from a hotel is decorated and then should do the same.

Spa Sanctuary

Imagine visiting a friend’s house, where the bathroom feels more like a personal spa. Turn this fantasy into reality for your guests by decorating their bathroom with a spa sanctuary theme. It should feel luxurious to vacationers–or visitors. When I think of a spa theme, I picture fresh, airy blues and white. Decorate with pictures of vacation destinations, a plush rug, and a wicker basket full of thick, rolled-up towels. For your visitors’ convenience, provide travel size shampoos, lotions, and various other toiletries.

Outdoor Oasis

Nothing says, “fresh” like the great outdoors. The best part of decorating your guest bath like an outdoor oasis? You do not have to change much about the room, other than adding a few accessories. Decorate in earth tones, such as brown and green. Add some live plants (ones that can handle humidity) and maybe a picture of wild animals in the outdoors.

Aquatic Retreat

Being the wettest room in the house, the bathroom is the perfect place to host an aquatic theme. It is even neutral enough for your guest bath. I’m not talking fish and seashells, although you are welcome to add a couple of these accents into the room, as well. I’m thinking a beach house, complete with rough wood and neutral colors. Decorate with wicker baskets lined with white cloth, neutral colors and even mini tiki torches if you have a place for them.


Tips for Decorating with Patterns

For a guest bathroom, especially, you should avoid too much pattern. I know how tempting it can be to buy matching accessories for the bathroom, but I try to avoid the temptation as much as I can. If you find an accessory you like with a multi-colored pattern, use that as a focal point and pull a few colors from the pattern and use those solid colors throughout the rest of the room. Too much pattern can become overwhelming, especially in a smaller bathroom.

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