5 Easy Tips For Designing a Powder Room

Are you planning to redesign your powder room and looking for bathroom design ideas? Are you designing a new powder room in your house? Or are you simply trying to give your house a different feel? Well, whatever it is, designing a powder room to look different is relatively easy and quick and the options available to you are endless. Here are five easy tips for designing a powder room.

Different color ceiling

The easiest most common powder room decoration tip is to have the ceiling different color from the walls. Whether you have tiles on the walls or whether your walls are all painted choosing a pastel color for the ceiling is the best way to get a different feel and add more elegance and soften the feeling of the bathroom. Some bathroom color ideas include pastels, or going rusty vintage, of course classic white and silver is also an option.  Another option in this area is drywall repair. Click here for more information on drywall repair nashville tn.

Antique sink

Why not go creative with the sink? Perhaps choose a sink that is not a sink? There are many types of furniture that you can choose and repurpose as sinks. Look at vintage and second hand shops for ideas.


Another very common powder room decoration is lamps and chandeliers. Hanging from the ceiling or simply on the wall, it is a very easy way to add some style to the powder room. Chandeliers come in all shapes, sizes and colors and it is very easy to get something to match, the rest of the decorations you choose for your bathroom. You can choose something to match the bathroom color ideas that you have decided on or something vintage if you choose to go with that look.

Creative faucet

This may require some additional plumbing if your powder room is already done, but the faucet, its shape and location are some things you can get creative with. One option is to mount the faucet on the wall, this will elevate it slight away from the sink and give the bathroom a more elegant look.

Arts on the wall

Finally, you can use one of the most common and yet creative ways of decorating your powder room which is mounting art on the well. This is the easiest part and is also a lot of fun because it means that you can pick and choose you art and its color and even potentially change if you decide to later redesign your powder room or if you find something more appropriate or that matches better. Art can be accessorized with frames as well.

Designing bathrooms is really fun and sometimes is an easy way to change something in your house without having to do a lot of work on the entire house. There are many ideas out there for designing powder room and the styles and options are endless. If you want to make a change in your house or want to give a different style to your powder room, check out bathroom design ideas and let the fun begin.

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