Types of Handicap Bathroom Vanities

Handicap bathroom vanities are now available in different and unique styles, finishes, design and variety. They are designed as handicap user friendly vanities and gives the bathroom a neat and tidy appearance with a classy finish. Depending on your budget, your home décor, specific needs and aesthetic sense you can choose the one which suits you best both in style and in terms of practical our blog post at

Different Types of Handicap Bathroom Vanities:

Varieties of Vanity Sink: You can install a console sink on a granite, stone or marble counter top. Other options are double sink bowls or single bowl mounted on a pedestal, or mounted on wall or floor in whichever shape you want, be it oval, round, square or rectangular etc.

Taps and faucets: Brass taps, water proof painted taps, steel plated taps, chrome taps are all the different varieties available in handicap bathroom vanities. They come with the selected sink or else you can purchase them separately to suit your taste. Some of the faucets are also manufactured with built in water filter which is of course an added advantage.

Furniture: The console vanity furniture has a chair and table with mirror as a set that gives a furnished look to your bathroom. You can purchase the size that you want depending on the available area. Depending on the design, it may have storage space, a chest of drawers or it could be just a plain table. This can also accommodate a console sink with a matching stool or chair to complete the vanity furniture here!

Storage handicap bathroom vanities cabinet: These cabinets are meant to store bathroom essentials, toiletries, medicines, soap, tissues, linen, bath toys, cosmetics etc.

Specialty: All the handicap bathroom vanities mentioned above are designed and manufactured with the disabled, elderly and physically challenged in mind. They are easy to operate and require very little pressure for opening and closing. Sinks are designed with leg space below and the heights are calculated to suit people in wheelchair.

Handicap bathroom vanities are manufactured in different shapes and sizes and of different materials. However all of them follow the guidelines specified by the ADA. Tempered glass, Chrome, Brass, Fiber glass, stainless steel, Ceramic, glazed porcelain, wicker, laminated wood, silver oak, pine wood, bamboo, cane, Acclesia wood, stone, marble, granite, gold are just some of the raw materials used as such or in combination to manufacture the handicap bathroom vanities.


Considering the variety of raw materials used, it is only natural that these handicap bathroom vanities are also available in different shapes, sizes and color. The finishing is usually either matte or gloss finish depending sometimes on the raw material used. There are prefabricated ones available with all additional fixtures. However, you can also get the handicap bathroom vanities custom made if that is your choice. Just make sure that when it is custom made it also follows all the specification required for handicap bathroom stated by ADA.


Ideas for Guest Bathroom

The guest bathroom may be used by a number of different people, which means it should feel welcoming to people with different tastes. I have found that a neutral theme is typically best, with muted colors and simple decor. My bathroom, for instance, has cream colored walls, a creamy marble top and golden oak cabinets. I brought some color into the room with a gold bath mat and a cream shower curtain that has a multi-colored pattern. The pattern has red and green in it, both of which I tied further into the room with a framed photo that has similar hues.

Guest bathrooms have always existed in our daily lives, even if most of the people haven’t figured out of this fact. The first example that is also the most common example of such a bathroom is any bathroom from a hotel. Most of the hotel do not consider their customers just simply customers; the clients are considered to be precious guests. And, in order to make them feel comfortable, every bathroom is actually a guest bathroom.

Though, how to decorate a bath in a guest bathroom? It’s not a very big difference between them, that’s the first thing to say. And, in order to get proper inspiration, people willing to get some guest bathroom decorating ideas should see how a bathroom from a hotel is decorated and then should do the same.

Spa Sanctuary

Imagine visiting a friend’s house, where the bathroom feels more like a personal spa. Turn this fantasy into reality for your guests by decorating their bathroom with a spa sanctuary theme. It should feel luxurious to vacationers–or visitors. When I think of a spa theme, I picture fresh, airy blues and white. Decorate with pictures of vacation destinations, a plush rug, and a wicker basket full of thick, rolled-up towels. For your visitors’ convenience, provide travel size shampoos, lotions, and various other toiletries.

Outdoor Oasis

Nothing says, “fresh” like the great outdoors. The best part of decorating your guest bath like an outdoor oasis? You do not have to change much about the room, other than adding a few accessories. Decorate in earth tones, such as brown and green. Add some live plants (ones that can handle humidity) and maybe a picture of wild animals in the outdoors.

Aquatic Retreat

Being the wettest room in the house, the bathroom is the perfect place to host an aquatic theme. It is even neutral enough for your guest bath. I’m not talking fish and seashells, although you are welcome to add a couple of these accents into the room, as well. I’m thinking a beach house, complete with rough wood and neutral colors. Decorate with wicker baskets lined with white cloth, neutral colors and even mini tiki torches if you have a place for them.


Tips for Decorating with Patterns

For a guest bathroom, especially, you should avoid too much pattern. I know how tempting it can be to buy matching accessories for the bathroom, but I try to avoid the temptation as much as I can. If you find an accessory you like with a multi-colored pattern, use that as a focal point and pull a few colors from the pattern and use those solid colors throughout the rest of the room. Too much pattern can become overwhelming, especially in a smaller bathroom.

Bathroom Designs

Handicap Accessible Bathroom Designs

Handicap accessible bathroom designs are now a common feature in all public places such as malls, public buildings, office complex etc and most importantly they are now seen at many residences. These bathrooms are designed to aid people in wheelchair and people with other disabilities.

These handicap bathroom layout can be done in many ways. However the Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines that can be accessed at give specific guidelines for handicap bathroom accessible dimension that deal with height of toilet, bathtub, faucets, sink, shower, movable space, handicap bathroom products etc. Manufactures of companies have adapted these rules while designing their products and you can choose to satisfy your aesthetics while keeping in mind its functions.

Basic Guidelines:

1. The door to the bathroom should be wide enough to allow wheelchair and people with walkers to enter without hindrance. The optimum width would be three feet; however a minimum of 32 inches width would suffice.

2. Pocket doors are permitted by ADA. Otherwise make sure that the door swings open outward. An inward opening door could get blocked if someone falls inside and you need to open the door.

3. The threshold of the bathroom should be level with the floor adjacent to the bathroom door for wheelchair to roll in easily. This will also prevent people on walkers from tripping over the threshold.

4. Inside the bathroom there should be clear circular floor area of 60 inches diameter for the wheelchair to enter and turn around.

5. The handicap bathroom accessible design should have a roll in shower with no barriers and the toilet should be at a minimum height of 17 inches with the seat on.

6. The hand washing sink counter or sink should be at chest level for a person seated on a wheelchair and the sink should have room for knees and feet under the sink.

7. All bathroom utility items should be stored in places where it is accessible by people on wheelchair.

8. All handles should be of lever type since those are easily operable and gives a good grip for elderly hands.

9. The faucets for the bathtub should be positioned at the entry side for disabled people to access with ease and should be of lever type. They should also have water temperature control to prevent people from getting scalded.

10. Flip down seat should be provided in the shower area and tub for people to sit while bathing.

11. A hand held shower head should be installed on a sliding bar for people of all heights and seated people to access it.

12. Well lit bathroom are always preferred. However, dim lights to be provided for night use.

Bathroom Designs

13. Hand grab bars to be installed either horizontally or vertically according to convenience near the bathtub, in the shower stall and near the toilet.

14. Both shower enclosure and bathtub should be sturdy enough to withstand heavy impact.

15. Lastly door locks should be open-able from outside during emergency in a handicap bathroom accessible design.